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Mar, 2021

Which Program is best for my player?


Tee Ball - This program, for players ages 4 - 6,  focuses on learning the fundamentals of hitting and throwing, with the addition of team play. Players will have at least one practice and one game per week. Players will be grouped in teams of 5-7 players to allow for lots of at bats and lots of fielding opportunities. Teams will have a game once per week which emphasizes baserunning and team play. We don’t keep score in these games as learning to play the game is more a focus than competition. Teams will use a regulation #5 baseball that is not as hard as a real baseball but allows for realistic play. 

Farm League - This program, for players ages 6-8, builds skills and understanding during a live game setting. Fundamentals of hitting and throwing will be stressed, with additional instruction on positional play, and the introduction of hitting a moving ball - This level will be played using a 5 pitch format, scores will be kept, but not emphasized on and will help develop skills for the next move to the minor baseball/softball levels. Teams of 6-9 players will have 2 practices and one game per week. Games will focus on positional play, team work and sportsmanship. Players will sharpen their skills at the plate as well as on the field.

These two levels of play are extremely important in the safety and development. each player will grow and learn from these two levels and will help them build confidence in their abilities. The main goal of these levels is to allow players to have fun, develop and learn the game as well as learn teamwork, sportsmanship and fair play. If you are unsure where your child fits within these two groups contact a league board member to discuss player evaluations and recommendations.



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